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Will Iowans Uphold Gay Marriage?

Thanks to Ben Raue for posting this article in the comments page. I thought I would move it up to give it a little more of a centre stage. 


This article is really interesting and confirms in my mind that the gay rights movement needs to be looking towards public votes on the issue to try and gain a higher level of popular support. For example, I think ballots in states such as California and New York should be presented in 2010, so they can be fought on in left leaning states in a public sphere rather than in the courtroom. This should be done in a pro-active manner from the gay rights movement, rather than being forced to undertake re-active campaigns when anti-gay marriage legislation appears. 

It is however worrying that this article predicts we will have to wait until 2024 until all states (in the US) legalise gay marriage, but one would expect that as other states start to adopt it, significant pressure would be placed on the others (especially in the deep South) to do the same. Knowing the conservatism of the deep south one can’t predict how they would react, but it could be a good thing.


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