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The Gay Storm is Coming – Let it Rain!


When I first saw this video I thought it was so stupid that I wouldn’t bother putting up a post about it. However, with a number of parodies of the video now emerging, I cannot help myself but to write a post about this. The video is an add released by the ‘National Organisation for Marriage’ (NOM), which targets gay marriage in the United States. It uses the analogy of a ‘storm brewing’ (gay marriage), which is threatening to take away the freedoms of non-gay people. You can see the video here.

There are a few things that strike me about this video:

  1. The absolute bigotry of it and the people involved (the use of the ‘storm of gay people making people scared’ is probably the most bigoted part of this ad).
  2. The usage of ‘freedom’. Knowing that there are no logical arguments against gay marriage this add is now trying to shift the issue towards a discussion of gay marriage as ‘taking away peoples’ rights’. There is no real discussion of how same-sex marriage does this, but rather a bunch of statements that make no sense (i.e. the California doctor). The anti gay movement is obviously doing this as they know that in the long run they are going to lose the battle if they just use religion as a reason for objecting to gay marriage. They are therefore using the term ‘freedom’ as a new way to try to hold onto those who are changing their minds about same-sex marriage. However, instead of being an effective campaign tool, using ‘freedom’ makes this campaign look both ridiculous and hypocritical (given that this campaign is trying to refuse people from freely being able to marry who they love).
  3. Describing Same-Sex Marriage Advocates as going beyond same sex marriage: The ad doesn’t in any way describe how same-sex marriage advocates are going beyond advocating same-sex marriage and I still have no idea what they are talking about. What I do know however, is that talking about same-sex marriage advocates’ going beyond same-sex marriage simply adds to the ridiculous nature of this ad.
  4. The use of the doctor, the mother and the churchgoer: These ones are interesting as they make no sense (doctor), argue for the same-sex movement (mother), or again, make no sense (church goer).

Doctor: Call me ignorant but I still can’t see how having same-sex marriage would force a doctor to choose between their job and their faith (unless she is talking about a situation where she was forced to let a member of a same sex couple make decisions about their partners health, in which case it’s none of her business and if she has a problem with that she deserves to lose her job).

Mother: Yes, gay people do want children to be taught that being gay is okay. What is your point?? Teaching children acceptance of all people should be something that we are promoting, not something we are discouraging.

Church Goer: Given that New Jersey doesn’t allow gay marriage, I’m not quite sure how the state could punish a church that doesn’t accept it (although they should).

For some more discussion on these three people, check this video.

Overall, this is a typical bigoted, hypocritical and disgusting anti LGBTI ad. However, through lacking any logical arguments, facts or ideas (just like the anti-gay movement as a whole); this ad is also simply ridiculous and stupid.

But, we have hope.  Through parodying the ad (the one I have provided a link to is my favourite and notably contains the actor who plays Elliot in Scrubs) and pointing out the ridiculous nature of NOMs arguments a group of comedians, actors and activists are joining those already committed people around the world to fight for a better and fairer future for same sex couples and an end to the bigotry of groups like NOM. It is great to see parodies like the one above and to see the gay rights movement continue to grow (to the extent where the anti-gay movement are now becoming scared enough that they are moving towards using such ideas as ‘freedom’ as a reason to be anti-gay) and I look forward to seeing the continued targeting of the anti-gay movement in the future until it falls.


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  1. By the way, there is an actual web address http://www.giantgayrepellentumbrella.com/ and has another great ad and some great discussion on these issues.

    Comment by simon2013 | April 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. Good post, I’d not seen this stuff yet but it was good for a laugh. What gets me about it all is these marriage coalitions really have the most paper-thin rational explanations for their opposition to gay marriage, so why they bother invoking them at all baffles me. If they had ads simply stating the Christian and traditionalist opposition to it as their justification I think that would be fine. Only the most weak minded individuals would be convinced by these so-called arguments against gay marriage, and they don’t even bring up any of the half-decent ones, like civil unions being sufficient equality of rights. Also their strategy seems bizarre – there is basically nothing they can do to stop gay-marriage in Mass., CT, VT, or Iowa as it is for various reasons, so unless this ad is targeted at getting NY to defeat the Governor’s bill, why are they spending all this money? Better spent encouraging all the fundamentalists to move to South Carolina – they shouldn’t have to worry about gay marriage there for a long time.

    Comment by Matt L | April 24, 2009 | Reply

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