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Christ to Run for Florida – Takes it Out of the Picture

It was announced today that Charlie Christ, the Governor of Florida, will be running for the open Senate seat in 2010. This announcement brings with it many consequences and opens up some interesting races to watch in 2010.

Firstly, through announcing that he is running, Christ has essentially ensured that the Republicans will hold onto the Senate seat vacated by Martinez. Christ is extremely popular among people from all across the spectrum in Florida and unless the Democrats can pull something magical out of the hat I doubt they could win this seat.

Second, I believe this announcement could increase speculation of the possibility of Christ making a bid for President; not in 2012, but possibly in 2016. In running for the Senate Christ is providing himself many more opportunities to reach a more national audience and therefore increase his popularity across the country. This, with an experience as a Governor gives Christ great credentials to win a Presidential race.

Last, this announcement will now make the Florida Governor race extremely interesting to watch. Given the continued dominance of the Democrats in the Senate and the unlikely impact of the Florida Senate seat in 2010 one could argue that the Florida Gubernatorial race will have much more impact than the Senate race in 2010. This means that it is very likely that we will see a competitive race for this position and one that the Democrats could win. Likely candidates are already being spoken about in the media with a race that was generally considered to be a no contest (when Christ was still in it) now wide open. It will definitely be one to watch and one the Democrats could pick up.


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