Outlining a Progressive Future


Welcome to Polswatch! My name is Simon Copland and I the writer and editor of this blog. Here you can find some info on me and the blog:


My name is Simon Copland and I come from the city of Canberra in Australia. I am currently studying Environmental Science and Development Studies at the Australian National University, although for the year 2009 I will be studying in Uppsala University in Sweden. I have keen interest in the politics of the environment and sustainable development, but also in ‘general’ social and economic policy. I am a self professed left-winger and a member of both the Australian and Swedish Greens and am proud of it. This blog however, does not speak for the Greens in any way.

Outlining a Progressive Future:

This blog’s main aim is to provide discussion on the theme ‘outlining a progressive future’; with the aim being to stir debate and discussion on the progress of the left-wing movement and of the options available to create a progressive, left-wing society. 

The blog will do this through discussion in 4 main themes:

  1. Analysing the left wing movement (i.e. looking at tactics, debates and issues in the movement)
  2. Analysing and counter-acting the right wing movement
  3. Noting progress within the left wing movement (i.e. growth in left-wing political parties, growth in the movement), AND 
  4. Discussions of the options available for the world to move forward in a progressive way

I will also add other discussion topics, which will allow for direction for those who are particularly interested in one topic, such as:

  • Political Economy
  • Democracy and the State
  • Human Rights 
  • Climate Change and the Environment

I hope you enjoy it!


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